Richard Eagle shares from Australia – “Life in the Row Boat ” Listen now !!!


How does God describe the future as it relates to our present understandings even fears?

Do you know where fear of failure and fear of failure become things of the past ?  The biblical revelation that Richard got from God is amazing and inspiring.  You have to check out this man of Gods fresh and inspiring word from down under !!!!

Hear from #1 Amazon best selling author from Australia Richard Eagle on our radio broadcast Going Deeper with God 



Picture Richard Eagle’s book “Life in the Row Boat” is a great little book for anyone to read. The information and concepts Richard portrays are incredibly easy to read and very powerful. As a teacher, I have found myself using some of these concepts as short devotions, and topics for great classroom discussions. 


The idea of travelling through life in the row boat, with our oars of ‘Trust and Obey’ is a great analogy that myself and many students have been blessed with.


Richard has gone to great lengths to put this book together and as the chapters suggest, by the end of the book you may be ‘re-imagining’ your understanding of Christianity.

Aaron Grosse Canberra, AustraliaPicture


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Life in the Row Boat has been a hugely valuable tool in strengthening my personal relationship with God. It is a tool that I now regularly use to explain, to my non-believing friends, how I walk my faith with God. The concept is so simple, but the way Richard unpacks this concept highlighting God’s heart for us is where the real value comes.
Daniel Fulton Canberra, Australia

Author, Richard Eagle leaves nothing unturned in his book, “Life In The Row Boat – Where Fear of Failure and Fear of the Future Become Things of the Past.”
He will row you down the rivers of life sharing riveting stories, insightful examples and Biblical wisdom in how to re-image the fears in your life from failure to freedom.
Read each page slowly for surely you will become transformed in how to live your life that is fear-free from the past, present and future.  This is a 5-star read!
Dr. Becky Slabaugh
Multi-#1 Amazon Best Selling Author & Radio Co-Host

Life in the Row Boat by Richard Eagle gives a great perspective on life in general and life as a Jesus-follower. Richard’s allegories are concise and helpful in understanding the Christian walk. He ends each chapter with an invitation to immediately put his teaching into practice. Bravo!
“My friend Richard’s word picture of “Life In The Rowboat” is brilliant.  What insight and great encouragement this book brings.  The several aspects of rowing a boat relating to our journey with Christ brings such freedom to live in the future plans that God has for us.  The illustration of the oars being “Trust and Obey” is worth the read itself.”
Brian Fleming
Author of Your Life Matters
Admin Director at 100 Million Souls
President at Barnabas Investments