Workshop – TRAUMA – October 19 – 12 sessions – Learn affects of trauma and help others


What is TRAUMA ?  A very difficult or unpleasant experience that causes someone to have mental or emotional problems usually for a long time. A trauma can be physical or emotional. Being humiliated in front of classmates for five minutes can be an event that causes trauma and has something locked up inside us. Loss, lack, verbal abuse, sudden death, miscarriage, made to be compliant. You can be a witness or a victim. 

WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  People who want to help others gain freedom from devastating life events. People who have suffered various levels of ongoing or one time trauma. Small group leaders, youth or children leaders, teachers, mental health workers. Sessions will include DVD training videos by Sandra Sellmer-Kersten of Elijah House. 

LOCATION: 10001 W Jewell Avenue Lakewood CO 80232 Room 203


COST AND TIMES:  12 session workshop and manual $195.00. Two scholarships available. Maximum size 25. Payment on website  or checks/cash. Wednesday evenings 6:00 – 8:30 PM 

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QUALIFICATIONS OF BARBARA MOORE – Pastoral Counselor since 1995. Fresh Winds Ministry Rev. Mike Flynn, Elijah House Cour D Alene ID Level 1,2,3. Clinical Pastoral Education 3 units; Francis MacNutt Level 1,2,3. Tallahassee FL. Masters of Divinity from Denver Seminary 2001, Member of AACC. 


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