Schools we serve


The needs we are meeting at Title One Jefferson County Schools are in Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Edge water, and Arvada Colorado.  Each school has greater that 70 percent population of free and reduced lunch and most are over 90 percent free and reduced student population.  We work with Jefferson County School Principals, community liaisons, and social workers. We work with the Title One group Community and Family Connections, Jefferson County Public Schools.

We serve Eiber Elementary Lakewood, Lasley Elementary Lakewood, Edgewater Elementary Edgewater, Jefferson High School Edgewater school year 2017.  Summer 2017 we also serve Allendale Elementary, Arvada K 8, Swanson Elementary,  Foothills Elementary, Emory Elementary, Glennon Heights Elementary Lakewood, Lumberg Elementary Edgewater,and Stevens Elementary Wheat Ridge.

We also serve Kids Smart Summer Camps for summer 2017 Mountain Phoenix Elementary Wheat Ridge, Edgewater Elementary, Glennon Heights, and Emory Elementary.

During the Spring and Summer school season we will serve 3600 weekend food packs of seven to eight items. That would be 24,000 lbs of food.  Again our target children are high at risk for hunger children who might be hungry on the weekend without this food supplement.