We came upon a child of God – gotta get back to the garden !!



Emotions and adventure fill the pages of this true story. A true story about Barbara Moore’s life as a full time organic farmer in Metro Denver, along with many other local food advocates in Colorado front range.  From ranchers, to top chefs you will see some reality about what it takes to serve up local foods.


Can Fairy Tales Be Real ? – Cinthia Hiett, MC,LPC shares about Realities of Being an Adopted Child – Co Host Dr. Becky Slabaugh


Pastor Barbara Moore and Co Host Dr. Becky Slabaugh of Inner Treasures Ministries, Phoenix AZ interview counseling specialist CInthia Hiett. Topic of two radio shows is effects of adoption on children and families.

World wide broadcast focuses on her book, CAN FAIRY TALES BE REAL ?  This is her life story told about haradio_inset.jpgving three stories in her life going at the same time.

Dr. Becky helps Cinthia bring to listeners realities of life as an adopted child.

Cinthia Hiett is an accomplished relationship expert, psychotherapist and motivational speaker with over 20 years of experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her education includes a Masters Degree in Counseling, and she’s partially completed her doctoral work in Human Services in the College of Behavioral Sciences. With a passion for helping men and women understand relationships and gender differences, she is widely recognized as an excellent speaker sharing inspiration and relevant teachings, traveling internationally presenting biblical based seminars and lectures on relationships, gender and other inspirations. http://www.cinthiahiett.com/    This two week broadcast will air on August 13 and August 20 at 9:30 am MST and midnight on http://www.1220kldc.com

She also wrote God Wants You Truly Living Not Walking Dead.

Dr. Becky Slabaugh is a two time Amazon # 1 Best Selling Author.  Her books are When Dreams and Destiny Collides and the Ultimate Treasure Hunt.


Carrie O’Toole is a woman with a mission from above



Carrie O’Toole experienced the pain and suffering of infertility, miscarriage, and an international adoption that went painfully awry. Relinquished: When Love Means Letting Go will take you through the emotional journey and struggle to find answers to the question many people face at some point—what if my love is not enough?

“Carrie O’Toole understands the value of relationships and attachment as well as anybody I know.Not only does she help others using these principles, she has a tremendous story of redemption that gives her the credibility to do so. My prayer is that each of us could experience the process and freedom Carrie went through.  This book will help give you a taste of that process.”

Joshua Straub, Ph.D.Coauthor of God Attachment

Carrie was born and raised in Colorado. She believed if you worked hard, you could achieve your dreams and things would work out.  This attitude allowed her to begin playing the tuba in 5th grade, when that was thought of as a boy instrument!  She earned a B.M. in Music Education from Colorado State University and taught instrumental music for 8 years.  She met Bob at CSU and they married 2 weeks after Carrie graduated in 1986.  Life was good!  But circumstances hit pretty hard for over a decade, and that rosy view started to slip away.  She and Bob have struggled with infertility, miscarriage, clashing personalities and hurtful relationship patterns.  The good times included adopting their now 24-year old son, Brendan, as a newborn, the birth of now 22-year old Katie, and adopting Sam from Vietnam when he was 3 1/2.

Things became rocky as Sam struggled to fit into the O’Toole family.  After 8 years of therapy, special education, surgeries, prayer, doctor visits, hospitalizations, multiple diagnoses (RAD, PTSD, Developmental Delays, etc.),  Bob and Carrie made the heart-wrenching decision to relinquish custody and place Sam into another adoptive family from their church.  This family was falling apart! The ripple effects of estrangement from extended family members, and judgmental attitudes from people they thought would be there for support, almost took this family under.


Richard Eagle shares from Australia – “Life in the Row Boat ” Listen now !!!


How does God describe the future as it relates to our present understandings even fears?

Do you know where fear of failure and fear of failure become things of the past ?  The biblical revelation that Richard got from God is amazing and inspiring.  You have to check out this man of Gods fresh and inspiring word from down under !!!!

Hear from #1 Amazon best selling author from Australia Richard Eagle on our radio broadcast Going Deeper with God  http://www.1220kldc.com 



Picture Richard Eagle’s book “Life in the Row Boat” is a great little book for anyone to read. The information and concepts Richard portrays are incredibly easy to read and very powerful. As a teacher, I have found myself using some of these concepts as short devotions, and topics for great classroom discussions. 


The idea of travelling through life in the row boat, with our oars of ‘Trust and Obey’ is a great analogy that myself and many students have been blessed with.


Richard has gone to great lengths to put this book together and as the chapters suggest, by the end of the book you may be ‘re-imagining’ your understanding of Christianity.

Aaron Grosse Canberra, AustraliaPicture


“In Christ (Secret Code For) Fully Resourced” is available FREE on Amazon from 12 Midnight 1 July 2016 to 11.59pm on5 July 2016. Please feel free to mention this on your website.https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0134ZLXS0#navbar





Life in the Row Boat has been a hugely valuable tool in strengthening my personal relationship with God. It is a tool that I now regularly use to explain, to my non-believing friends, how I walk my faith with God. The concept is so simple, but the way Richard unpacks this concept highlighting God’s heart for us is where the real value comes.
Daniel Fulton Canberra, Australia

Author, Richard Eagle leaves nothing unturned in his book, “Life In The Row Boat – Where Fear of Failure and Fear of the Future Become Things of the Past.”
He will row you down the rivers of life sharing riveting stories, insightful examples and Biblical wisdom in how to re-image the fears in your life from failure to freedom.
Read each page slowly for surely you will become transformed in how to live your life that is fear-free from the past, present and future.  This is a 5-star read!
Dr. Becky Slabaugh
Multi-#1 Amazon Best Selling Author & Radio Co-Host

Life in the Row Boat by Richard Eagle gives a great perspective on life in general and life as a Jesus-follower. Richard’s allegories are concise and helpful in understanding the Christian walk. He ends each chapter with an invitation to immediately put his teaching into practice. Bravo!
“My friend Richard’s word picture of “Life In The Rowboat” is brilliant.  What insight and great encouragement this book brings.  The several aspects of rowing a boat relating to our journey with Christ brings such freedom to live in the future plans that God has for us.  The illustration of the oars being “Trust and Obey” is worth the read itself.”
Brian Fleming
Author of Your Life Matters
Admin Director at 100 Million Souls
President at Barnabas Investments



Purchase God’s Medicine Devotional $10


IMG_2039A 20 page prayer for healing devotional that works. You pray the Scripture and the affirmations to take in the medicine, the Word of God.  Thousands of people in world including Pastor Barbara have received healing while faithfully using this prayer guide.

Just donate $10 on site and use contact us page to complete your order. Please include mailing address and email.  Thank You. Love to have a testimony of how this devotional helped you.


“It will be gone.” Can Colon cancer dissolve? Hear Barb’s true story.


From true stories in Barb’s book Chapter Six – The cancer was gone but I was still here.  Hear how Barb experienced a miracle and is alive to tell the story – the true story.   A key part of the process was to pray Gods Medicine. IMG_2039


Tune in live this morning at 9:30 AM MST or midnight http://www.1220kldc.com  Going Deeper with God weekly radio broadcast to help to grow in a life with God.  Pastor Barbara Moore shares from her #1 International Best Seller book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble – Lean In Closer With God Because You Can.

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In 2002 as Pastor Barbara worked at Porter Hospital Denver as a Chaplain on the cancer floor, she heard the words no on wants to hear with their name. Cancer.  Tune in live or listen to podcast next week of highlights of her healing miracle.  Who deserves a miracle ?

The new audio book will be available in two weeks.

Lean In Closer With God Because You Can: 7 Breakthrough Lessons to Go Extreme Vertical In a Horizontal World (Volume 1) Paperback – April 29, 2016

If you would like to purchase Gods Medicine, contact us. Cost is $10.00


June 18 hear Joan Hunter tell of miracles in Denver


Joan Hunter shares with Pastor Barbara Moore on radio show Going Deeper with God weekly at 930 AM MST and midnight on www.1220kldc.com

Joan shares on what God did during Sunday morning service at City on a Hill Boulder and Infuse Church Littleton Colorado on Sunday and Monday Evening June 11 and 12, Pastor Randy Scott.

Joan has dozens of books and testimonies weekly that confirm her gift and anointing from God to ask for and release miracles. She also trains people to pray for others. Joan reminds listeners that it is Jesus who heals not Joan. Many received knee replacements and healing from car and accident trauma. You can hear last weeks show on podcast in post from June 11. We will be having those healed on a radio show in July or August to testify themselves for what God did. Gods Name is Jehovah Raphe the God that heals.

Joan Hunter is a compassionate minister, dynamic teacher, an accomplished author, and an anointed healing evangelist. Joan is the daughter of the Happy Hunters, Charles & Frances Hunter.

Her focus is to train and equip believers to take the healing power of God beyond the 4 walls of the church and into the 4 corners of the earth! Joan’s genuine approach and candid delivery enables her to connect intimately with people from all walks of life. Some describe her as being like Carol Burnett with the anointing of Jesus.

Joan ministers the Gospel with manifestations of supernatural signs and wonders in healing school sessions, miracle services, conferences, and churches around the world. Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit, Joan speaks prophetically in the services, releasing personal and corporate prophetic ministry to those in attendance.

At the young age of 12, Joan dedicated her heart to the Lord and has faithfully served him from that day to this. She has uncompromising faith and dedication to the call of God on her life. She exhibits a sincere desire to see the body of Christ set free in their body, mind, soul, spirit and finances.

Joan has ministered in countries all over the world and has been on numerous television and radio appearances. She has been featured on Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural”, “My New Day”, “Extreme Prophetic” with Patricia King and on “Today with Marilyn (Hickey) and Sarah”.

Joan Hunter and her husband, Kelley, live northwest of Houston, TX. Together, they have 4 daughters, 4 sons, 3 son’s-in-laws and 7 grandchildren.
Radio Interview – Going Deeper with God
Wednesday, Jun 15, 2016
Radio Interview – KLDC Radio – Going Deeper with God

Joan Hunter will be interviewed by Barbara Moore

12:50 PM interview-

Radio Interview on http://1220kldc.com/ listen
Archive of interview will be on www.harvestmountainministries.org

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