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Carrie O’Toole experienced the pain and suffering of infertility, miscarriage, and an international adoption that went painfully awry. Relinquished: When Love Means Letting Go will take you through the emotional journey and struggle to find answers to the question many people face at some point—what if my love is not enough?

“Carrie O’Toole understands the value of relationships and attachment as well as anybody I know.Not only does she help others using these principles, she has a tremendous story of redemption that gives her the credibility to do so. My prayer is that each of us could experience the process and freedom Carrie went through.  This book will help give you a taste of that process.”

Joshua Straub, Ph.D.Coauthor of God Attachment

Carrie was born and raised in Colorado. She believed if you worked hard, you could achieve your dreams and things would work out.  This attitude allowed her to begin playing the tuba in 5th grade, when that was thought of as a boy instrument!  She earned a B.M. in Music Education from Colorado State University and taught instrumental music for 8 years.  She met Bob at CSU and they married 2 weeks after Carrie graduated in 1986.  Life was good!  But circumstances hit pretty hard for over a decade, and that rosy view started to slip away.  She and Bob have struggled with infertility, miscarriage, clashing personalities and hurtful relationship patterns.  The good times included adopting their now 24-year old son, Brendan, as a newborn, the birth of now 22-year old Katie, and adopting Sam from Vietnam when he was 3 1/2.

Things became rocky as Sam struggled to fit into the O’Toole family.  After 8 years of therapy, special education, surgeries, prayer, doctor visits, hospitalizations, multiple diagnoses (RAD, PTSD, Developmental Delays, etc.),  Bob and Carrie made the heart-wrenching decision to relinquish custody and place Sam into another adoptive family from their church.  This family was falling apart! The ripple effects of estrangement from extended family members, and judgmental attitudes from people they thought would be there for support, almost took this family under.


Testimony of healing from Joan Hunter prayer time at City on a Hill Boulder Colorado


Healing Testimony – Rod, Christie and Caitlyn Hitchcock

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HitchcocksRod’s broken back was healed last Sunday during Joan’s meeting! He was in a tragic construction accident over 25 years ago. Roof trusses had given way, resulting in his falling 30 ft. Then 3,000 lbs of trusses fell on his legs, leaving him with his BACK BROKEN and his LEGS CRUSHED. He wasn’t expected to live as he was transported via Flight for Life to St. Anthony’s in Denver. However, upon his arrival, the Lord spoke to him in an audible voice saying, “YOU WILL HEAL TO PERFECT NORMAL HEALTH. ENTER MY PEACE.”

Rod has seen healings and progress over the years, but the work God promised was “perfect normal health” so there was always an anticipation in our spirits for more until it was done. Rod had an increased anticipation in his spirit that Sunday was going to be significant for him. (Joan has a special anointing for bones.) He thought, “I can’t miss this. I have to be there.”

During service, Joan said, “Is there anyone here who needs to grow in height?”. My arm shot up and pointed to Rod. (Rod lost height after his accident.) As Rod proceeded to walk up to the front, I felt the “force field” of God’s presence, commenting to my daughter, Cait. Then Rod started GROWING before she even began to pray. Joan acknowledged that fact, commenting, “I’m totally fine with that.” He not only grew, but his POSTURE became “straight as an arrow” and his HIPS became level!
That night, Rod slept pain-free for the first time in over 25 years. He rides his bike for an hour at a time as opposed to an arduous 15 minutes, and could ride longer if he felt he had that availability of time.

She also prayed for the straightening of his legs (the left leg is crooked at the knee), but those are being experienced as progressive healings.

ROD SHARED WITH ME LATER THAT HE ACTUALLY SAW HIS NEW SPINE ARRIVE! IT WAS A WHITE, LUMINOUS S-SHAPED SPINE ENTERING FROM HIS LEFT SIDE, AND THEN INTO HIM. So Rod’s spine was NOT restored, it was gift wrapped BRAND NEW! (Joan actually prayed for a NEW spine as opposed to a restoration of the old one.)

Cait and I were prayed for too. We requested for the C-curve to be restored to our necks. (We had both received an injury to our necks, resulting in the loss of that natural curve.) Cait’s shoulders were rock hard, and there was a visible hump at the base of her neck. And now, NO MORE. She is pain free! and no more hump! As for me, I didn’t realize how stiff my shoulders were! Now they are supple! WOW! THE LORD IS AWESOME!