O Happy Day


Wishing you all some moments of joy and memories of those who love you this Christmas and holiday season.  Hope people forgive this year if they never have before.

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Hope people who have not had a real good belly laugh in a long time get to this week.  Harvest Mountain is where we get back to the garden where all is again very good.  Glenn and I pray and say – O Happy Day to you all around the world this Christmas.  Please enjoy hearing Bret Rutland again share on finding joy in our lives again by knowing how truly loved we are by our God, Father Son and Holy Spirit.  

Bret & Julie Rutland

Assistant Pastor & wife

Bret & Julie have lived in Colorado for nearly 20 years and have a passion to see orphan hearts come home through encounters with the Father’s Love.  Bret has had a desire to know the Father’s Love ever since losing his earthly father to suicide when Bret was only 6 years old.  Out of pain and loss Father has given him a passion to see every orphan heart come into their true identity as sons and daughters of God.  God has developed in Bret skills to lead people into life-transforming encounters, where they live from the Presence of God bringing His Kingdom into their families, their work relationships, and friendships.  Over the last 16 years Bret has received training in inner healing, the Kingdom of God, and knowing Father’s Love.  Bret and Julie have a daughter, Megan  and a son, Joshua.

Leading a Non-Profit ministry to bring those with an orphan heart into their true identity as sons and daughters of God. Counsel/minister to bring healing to clients with an orphan heart to experience and appropriate their new identity “in Christ”. Develop and maintain ministry partner relationships for the on-going financial health of the ministry. Build, develop, and implement Conferences for people with orphan hearts to experience and appropriate their true identity.

Tune in at 9:30 AM MST and midnight December 24 and January 1 to hear Bret and Barbara share on healing for our hearts so that we can live more in love with the God whose love never ends.  http://www.1220kldc.com


Richard Eagle shares from Australia – “Life in the Row Boat ” Listen now !!!


How does God describe the future as it relates to our present understandings even fears?

Do you know where fear of failure and fear of failure become things of the past ?  The biblical revelation that Richard got from God is amazing and inspiring.  You have to check out this man of Gods fresh and inspiring word from down under !!!!

Hear from #1 Amazon best selling author from Australia Richard Eagle on our radio broadcast Going Deeper with God  http://www.1220kldc.com 



Picture Richard Eagle’s book “Life in the Row Boat” is a great little book for anyone to read. The information and concepts Richard portrays are incredibly easy to read and very powerful. As a teacher, I have found myself using some of these concepts as short devotions, and topics for great classroom discussions. 


The idea of travelling through life in the row boat, with our oars of ‘Trust and Obey’ is a great analogy that myself and many students have been blessed with.


Richard has gone to great lengths to put this book together and as the chapters suggest, by the end of the book you may be ‘re-imagining’ your understanding of Christianity.

Aaron Grosse Canberra, AustraliaPicture


“In Christ (Secret Code For) Fully Resourced” is available FREE on Amazon from 12 Midnight 1 July 2016 to 11.59pm on5 July 2016. Please feel free to mention this on your website.https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0134ZLXS0#navbar





Life in the Row Boat has been a hugely valuable tool in strengthening my personal relationship with God. It is a tool that I now regularly use to explain, to my non-believing friends, how I walk my faith with God. The concept is so simple, but the way Richard unpacks this concept highlighting God’s heart for us is where the real value comes.
Daniel Fulton Canberra, Australia

Author, Richard Eagle leaves nothing unturned in his book, “Life In The Row Boat – Where Fear of Failure and Fear of the Future Become Things of the Past.”
He will row you down the rivers of life sharing riveting stories, insightful examples and Biblical wisdom in how to re-image the fears in your life from failure to freedom.
Read each page slowly for surely you will become transformed in how to live your life that is fear-free from the past, present and future.  This is a 5-star read!
Dr. Becky Slabaugh
Multi-#1 Amazon Best Selling Author & Radio Co-Host

Life in the Row Boat by Richard Eagle gives a great perspective on life in general and life as a Jesus-follower. Richard’s allegories are concise and helpful in understanding the Christian walk. He ends each chapter with an invitation to immediately put his teaching into practice. Bravo!
“My friend Richard’s word picture of “Life In The Rowboat” is brilliant.  What insight and great encouragement this book brings.  The several aspects of rowing a boat relating to our journey with Christ brings such freedom to live in the future plans that God has for us.  The illustration of the oars being “Trust and Obey” is worth the read itself.”
Brian Fleming
Author of Your Life Matters
Admin Director at 100 Million Souls
President at Barnabas Investments



“It will be gone.” Can Colon cancer dissolve? Hear Barb’s true story.


From true stories in Barb’s book Chapter Six – The cancer was gone but I was still here.  Hear how Barb experienced a miracle and is alive to tell the story – the true story.   A key part of the process was to pray Gods Medicine. IMG_2039


Tune in live this morning at 9:30 AM MST or midnight http://www.1220kldc.com  Going Deeper with God weekly radio broadcast to help to grow in a life with God.  Pastor Barbara Moore shares from her #1 International Best Seller book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble – Lean In Closer With God Because You Can.

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In 2002 as Pastor Barbara worked at Porter Hospital Denver as a Chaplain on the cancer floor, she heard the words no on wants to hear with their name. Cancer.  Tune in live or listen to podcast next week of highlights of her healing miracle.  Who deserves a miracle ?

The new audio book will be available in two weeks.

Lean In Closer With God Because You Can: 7 Breakthrough Lessons to Go Extreme Vertical In a Horizontal World (Volume 1) Paperback – April 29, 2016

If you would like to purchase Gods Medicine, contact us. Cost is $10.00


Joan Hunter at Infuse Church evening Miracle services– June 12,13 Listen to Joan on our radio show .


Sunday morning at City on a Hill Church in Boulder at 10 am or Sunday night at 7 at Infuse Church or Monday night at Infuse Church. Come for the healing power of God.

Tune in to our broadcast Going Deeper With God on Saturday morning June 11 at 9:30 AM MST on www.1220kldc.com  Pastor Barbara Moore, Director of Harvest Mountain Ministries will be interviewing Joan Hunter.  She will speak about her exciting life with God who does miracles.  Do you need a miracle ?  If you have never considered going to an event called a miracle service, I highly recommend that you pray to God about whether He wants you at this event. Jesus proclaimed the Gospel and demonstrated the Gospel and taught the disciples to do the same.

Pastor Steve

Teacher and Evangelist Joan Hunter

at CITY ON A HILL church Boulder CO, Pastor Steve Shank.

  • 10:00 AM June 12

Join us to hear this dynamic teacher and evangelist. Joan has devoted her life to carry the message of love, deliverance and healing to the nations.
She ministers the Gospel with manifestations of supernatural signs and wonders in healing encounters, healing schools, miracle services, conferences, churches
and revival centers around the world.


It would be difficult to describe Joan Hunter in one word. How can you take all the signs and wonders that occur in her services and place that on paper? You can’t…

Joan committed her life to Christ at the tender age of 12, and began faithfully serving in His Kingdom. She has served in ministry alongside her parents, Charles and Frances Hunter, as they traveled around the globe ministering in Healing Schools, Miracle Services, and Healing Explosions. Prior to branching out into her own International Healing Ministry, Joan co-pastored a church for 18 years.

Joan’s genuine approach and candid delivery enables her to connect intimately with people from all educational, social, and cultural backgrounds. Joan Hunter brings a powerful ministry to a world characterized by brokenness and pain. Having emerged victorious through tragic circumstances, impossible obstacles, and immeasurable devastation, Joan is able to share a message of hope and restoration to the broken hearted, deliverance and freedom to the bound, and healing and wholeness to the diseased.

Through her ministry, Joan strives to train believers to fulfill the commission of Jesus to “…lay hands on the sick” (Mark 16:18) by demonstrating the God given authority over sickness and disease that is available to all believers. Joan’s approach is simple, comprehensive, and has proven successful.

Joan Hunter Ministries



9:30 AM MST tune in live to hear Dr Becky share on Ultimate Treasure Hunt on Going Deeper With God weekly radio broadcast


It is Memorial Day in the USA and you can have a treat from Dr. Becky Slabaugh just for you !!!   Tune in live worldwide at http://1220kldc.com/  9:30 AM and midnight MST around the world .  Dr. Becky and Pastor Barbara will discuss how to learn to recognize yourself from heavens perspective not earths. Learn about the key of not where we are going but who we are going with. Are you wondering if God is still with you ?  Tune in to Going Deeper With God radio broadcast. www.GoingDeeperWithGod.org 

We will have podcast next week if you miss show live so you can ponder and pray over what Dr. Becky shares.  

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

Amazon #1 Best Selling Author Dr. Becky Slabaugh!


ABOUT Dr Becky:

Inner Treasures Ministries is a ministry to bring healing and wholeness through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to business and ministry leaders.


It is not unusual to find yourself hesitant, confused, withdrawn, or unfocused.


Unfortunately this happens more than you realize for the  business executive, office professional, pastor, chaplain, missionary, or pastoral staff.

Dr. Becky Slabaugh, Ph.d., is a licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Life Coach, Radio Co-Host and Ordained Minister providing Biblical council, resources and prophetic wisdom in helping you be restored, renewed and refreshed!


SERVICES of Dr. Becky

Dr. Becky will minister to you through Clinical Pastoral counseling and Life Coaching, along with the added bonus of administering a Temperament Analysis test through the National Christian Counselors Association.


Jim and Jackie Morey on Poverty Mindset and Finding Your Unique Message


April 2nd show guests Jim and Jackie Morey of Seattle are a team, who produce much transformation in and for clients! We are now broadcasting on a new station  http://www.1220kldc.com/     Show time is 9:30 AM MST and 12:00 PM MST on Saturdays  Jim Morey has for the last 4 years been studying internet marketing […]

Jim and Jackie Morey – Broadcasting Your Unique Message – airs April 9th 9:30 am and midnight


Tune in to our new station 1220 AM KLDC to enjoy an uplifting message from Jim and Jackie Morey.  Do you believe you have a unique message for your life ?  How would someone go about finding your unique message ? It can be found in the Bible and they bring take away’s for you to find what is planted in you.

 They are Amazon Best Sellers and their new book is Your 21st Century Business Card.  


Jim Morey’s bio:
Over the last 4 years Jim has been studying internet marketing and has created several end-to-end marketing platforms that have made thousands of dollars. He has gathered and nurtured hundreds of email Subscribers, and used advanced features of Mail Chimp to move them up to be VIPs. In the process Jim has gained an amazing level of skill and insight into Mail Chimp, both the “Forever Free” and “Paid-For” Levels – and he wants to share these insights with you.
Jim feels fortunate to have been at Microsoft for over 17 years in server and Internet technologies including IIS, Operations Manager, SharePoint, and Azure. Because of this, he has written over 180K lines of code in C#, VB, JavaScript, PowerShell, and others and has also worked heavily in HTML 5, CSS, T-SQL.
Most of all, he’s a blessed husband and a proud Dad of our two kids.
Jackie Morey’s bio:
Jackie is a multiple #1 Amazon Bestselling Author. She help professionals “Broadcast their Knowledge” and “Sell their Expertise!” Meaning, she helps people turn their knowledge and expertise into Amazon Bestselling books, WebTV shows, LIVE Video Streaming events or shows, Online Trainings, Online Courses, and Webinars. All you need to bring is your knowledge and insight about the subject matter you want to publish, broadcast, teach or sell a training on. Jackie and her team — take your knowledge, your target audience and your personal brand and go to work!
The end result is you walk away with an Amazon Bestselling book, or a WebTV series, a ready-made, turnkey online training program, webinar series or coaching program that allows you to monetize your knowledge and sell to your ideal audience.
Jackie is also a nationally recognized Customer Loyalty Strategist, founder and COO of Customer Strategy Academy. You know those complex, sensitive Company-to-Customer or Healthcare Provider-to-Patient issues that need to be handled with TLC and get to Win-Win? Jackie solves that.
She has served thousands of customers, entrepreneurs, service professionals, executives, and companies both nationally and internationally from all ages, and a wide variety of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds from Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon.com, Deloitte, other Fortune 500 companies, as well as small to medium business owners, financial professionals, legal firms, healthcare providers and healthcare companies.
Her Bachelor’s degree is in Engineering. But her passion is business, connecting with people, and transferring the wealth of knowledge she’s gained from the University of Hard Knocks with over two and a half decades of experience – to you.
She is a recognized Revenue-Generator, Relationship Ambassador, Topnotch Solution Provider / Creative Problem-solver, Peacemaker, and Team-builder.
Happily married to her husband Jim, they have a son and a daughter who “make them proud” every day. They live in a beautiful Pacific Northwest suburb of Seattle.
Connect with Jackie:



David Nico is Dr Healthnut live and podcast broadcast 5/14/16 Going Deeper with God on KLDC 1220 AM Saturdays 9:30 AM MST


On Campus
ABC Family
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Direct TV
700 Club
USA Today

Dr. Healthnut speaks on Help in Navigating the Maze of Health ?

 Enjoy our Broadcast live on KLDC 1220 AM  and 95.3 FM Saturday at 9:30 am MST and Midnight May 7th, 14th 2016. Our guest is Dr. David Nico of Dr. Healthnut.  The podcast for the show will be posted next week. Displaying DD Flat Cover.jpgDr. Healthnut” is the author of Diet DiagnosisHe is a certified wellness coach who helps leaders live well so they can model vitality, inspire vision, and create legacy. He is the creator and host of the Dr. Healthnut Tips airing on UpLiftTV on DirectTV, ClearVision airport television network, and the On Campus media television network airing in 400+ Barnes and Noble college campus stores nationwide. 
  • What is Healthnut Life? New Years Resolution Simple FormulaDisplaying DD Flat Cover.jpgDisplaying DD Flat Cover.jpg
  • Healthnut Inspire, Aha!, and Fans.
  • To make goals lasting 
  • We need to determine our level of inspiration for any health goal.
  • We need a vision, measurable timeframe, and action steps.
  • Then we need the supportive fans to provide the support encouragement and accountability. 
  • 7 week plan to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle. Learn to discover and rediscover the healthy lifestyle practices we enjoy! No one wants to diet with something they don’t choose. This is empowering. 
6. Healthnut TipsDisplaying DD Flat Cover.jpg
Decrease cravings?
  • Overeating isn’t the real problem, it’s cravings and our emotions are at play
  • Deprivation doesn’t work
  • Exchange- Healthy foods for unhealthy foods
  • Substitution is a powerful key to unlocking a healthy weight for life
  • Find foods you like that are healthy. 
Which Diet?
  • I provide pros/cons on each of the diets as there is no one perfect diet other than eating food that God created to be received with thanksgiving.  
  • Losing weight too fast and then gaining it back hurts the metabolism. 
  • Don’t focus on dieting, focus on healthy behaviors we LOVE and foods we LOVE that naturally yield a healthy weight
  • Repetition is powerful. 
  • TEST- Learn which healthy foods work well for you. Personalized.

Dr. Becky and Pastor Barb podcast on Power of Your Journey


Co hosts Dr. Becky and Pastor Barbara Moore share ideas on the Power of your journey broadcast on KLDC 1220 AM radio . 1 Peter 5 informs us of the amazing involvement of God in all the moments of our life.  Dr Becky Slaybaugh’s books When Destiny and Dreams Collide and Ultimate Treasure Hunt help us discover the power of curiosity and fascination of these details.  Life with God is a process we should enjoy.  

Dr. Becky Slabaugh (Author)
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