Sara Davenport shares about What is Spiritual Warfare KLDC 1220 AM



Sara Davenport shares about the 3 phases of Spiritual Warfare.

Our station 1220 AM KLDC is revamping their website and program venue. Crawford Broadcasting has been a leader in Christian Broadcasting across USA for decades. 

 Sara will be writing curriculum that is simple to help people learn from workbook and online teachings what Spiritual Warfare is. Once a person understands what it is they can then go further.  Actually praying  to the end of doing spiritual warfare, if they so choose is Step Three.  

You can contact Sara on her website.

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“Starting Your Journey of Holistic Health”

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Dayna Belcher Podcasts – Songwriter, author, speaker – Stepping Into the Yes of God


The Divine Invitation: Stepping Into the ‘Yes!’ of God!


Through her own personal God encounters and visions, Dayna Belcher invites the reader to step alongside her into the nowness of heaven!

Come experience what she heard, what she felt, what God was saying to her and demonstrating in the heavenlies as He caught her up with Him!

From these very encounters and visions, Dayna wrote in her new book, many of the songs she has recorded.

Peer inside and gain God’s heart perspective toward you!  He is ever-wooing you to engage with Him in heaven-in-earth, and earth-in-heaven encounters to advance you in your destiny.

It’s time.  Step into the ‘Yes!’ of God!

Dayna Belcher has been described as a Deborah with a staff in her hand, David with a harp.  She is Founder and President at Transform You.  Dayna speaks, sings and writes on the canvas of people’s lives.  Inspiring audiences globally, thousands have noted experiencing genuine transformation as a direct result of Dayna’s workshops, music and influence.
A seasoned musician and singer, she recorded a prophetic balm for the soul album, “Dayna Up Close,” as well as her single, “Childlike Faith,” recorded at Capital Records in Los Angeles, California.  Dayna has been privileged to sing before Christopher Kennedy Lawford and perform with Wambui Bahati of New York City, New York.
Dayna is currently working on her eBook now!  Go to to get your PreRelease copy, “The Divine Invitation– Stepping Into the, ‘Yes!’ of God” for only $4.99! (At the time of the book release it will be $9.99!)  
To pick up Dayna‘s music go to:
She is author of the book, Perseverance:  5 Keys To Persevering Through To the Life You Dream About, available on
Fear tried to stop Dayna from advancing in life more times than she could count, but she learned to go past giants and “what ifs” to obtain.  God uses her to unlock pathways of others through genres of music, public speaking and writing so that they can gain increased mobility–mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Born in Oklahoma City, OK she attended college on music scholarship and graduated with honors, earning her undergraduate degree in Music Education from Northeastern Oklahoma State University in Tahlequah, OK.  She also had the honor of being awarded an honorary doctorate in Theology at the Japanese American Cultural Center in Los Angeles.
Dayna brings over three decades of experience as an educator, speaker, writer, musician, minister and coach on topics of self-help, prayer and in the field of music.  Fifteen of those years were specific to developing and sharpening leaders.  For a span of eleven years, she served as a senior co-pastor alongside her husband, Curtis, in Southern California where they reside. 
She is a certified Strategy Coach with Kingdom Builders Academy, LLC of Delray Beach, Florida, serving as a webinar host alongside KBA Founder, Tamara Lowe, Equipper of Christian Leaders and Success Strategist to Superstars.
You can find Dayna at:
and follow her on Facebook and Twitter!
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