How do we testify to a whole heart of love ?


Our testament or testimony or truth in Omaha, Kansas City, Albuquerque, Scranton, Bakersfield and even listeners in Europe – is this, God is our first love. This is the truth.  If we have moved away from God in the last months or years, we can run back to our rightful place. Because God is our first love. We declare it and decree it.

God warns us in revelations    2:4 to the church in ephesus – yet i hold this against you…you have forsaken the love you had at first. consider how far you have fallen. repent, do the things you did at first .

we see here a place that was close and then we move away from that place and we gotta get back to the first love place.

Life with God is not a honeymoon that gets over…sorry ii hear alot of people say that…but it is not true…God in fact also speaks about a heart condition that is called lukewarn in rev 3:16 and he does not like that or expect that from us.

Jesus is not looking for fans who know stuff about him. he is looking for lovers.

How do we know if we are loving God with our whole heart ?  Go to ER for a anjioplasty ?  It will not work

Matthew 22:37 declares the who God is and who we are. God is love and loving always…so he says to us not as a trite idea, but as a charge, a command, to love God with all of our heart and our soul and our mind.  God is not cruel and would never ask us to do something we cannot do.

This command or charge or life purpose began back in Deuteronomy 6:5 and 10:12 with the Hebrew people who proved to the world then that people can walk with God and follow God and show the world how much God loves his people, his children.

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Deuteronomy 4:29 says, if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find him if you seek him with all your heart and with all your soul.  [soul is mind will emotions].   So again we see that if we half hearted seek God it is not going to bring us to the place with God and in God where we belong.  We are dwellers in Gods heart not visitors or once in a while drive by guests.

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God does not like our leftovers or stale bread. This whole heart love for God is like the smell of fresh bread each day.  We are not to be in a guilt trip when we ask God am I loving you with my whole heart Lord. For in Romans 8:1-4 we know there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. God forbid we would feel guilt and shame about our very relationship with God. That is aweful and very sad and not the plan of God at all.

God loves us with His whole heart all the time. The Bible says He is close to the close and close to the far.  Jeremiah 30:21, Isa 40:11 and Psalm 34:14.

Lets hear from a friend and listener in Rancho Cuchomonga CA Dayna Belcher, psalmist and author.

We are drawn and magnetized towards Him.  We long for His nearness and not opposed to him or going away from Him, we find ourselves longing for what he desires, what he wants for us and others, and we want to please God. Image result for bored with church

Here are ten action verbs that a leader in Sydney suggested this week to move closer to God:

anticipation, attend to God, absorb God, appreciate God, apply God, aid God, be hungry for God, be receptive to God, lift up your hands to heaven and go up higher with God, surrender to God and with God and stop arm wrestling against his presence.


CURIOSITY FOR GOD AND WITH GOD –  I am very curious and my book Lean In Closer With God because you can has bunches of stories from my life with God that grow from constant curiosity about what God is like and how he feels.

this week i wrote to God in my journal , i want to learn something brand new about you Lord. Please , Please please.  Sure enough last night I saw what He showed me.  I had a tangible sense of the very Sovereignty of God. I sensed a lot of people worshiping God in USA.

Gods attributes are always flowing equally and never plugged up. But we as humans have to try to grasp who God is.  Well I could sense in a circumstance God saying to our nation – this is going to happen. So join in with me to pray for what I am praying.

Hebrews 7:25 says – God always lives to intercede for us.  So as I am so curious with God I have asked him if it were not too personal to ask Jesus what he is praying to the Father about for me ?  After all the will of God is what Jesus is asking the Father for each of us.  So when we agree with God in our life and testimony…wella…heaven opens and comes down.  that is what the Lords prayer means when we are taught to pray on earth as it is in heaven…. and when God says asks anything in my name.


Lets hear from another couple in Arizona, Phoenix, who love this ministry about how they would understand a whole heart in love with God.  Dr Becky and Gary Slabaugh, share this”


Lets close in prayer for one another.

Lord in Eccl 3:6 there is a time to search and a time to give up.  Lord help us to give up moving away from you. Like the woman with the jar of precious ointment, let us sit at your feet and be a precious aroma to you.  We chose today to sit down and slow down to be with you.

Forgive us Lord for half hearts of love for you and lead us not into condemnation of self in the desire to draw near to you.   Eccl 3:8 says Lord there is a time for love. So be it Lord. A time for love. A time for first love love.

We chose to receive you in your fullness of love today Lord. We chose to give you our daytimer, google calendar, cell phone or whatever we need to lay down to snuggle up close to you.





Be Jingle Bells and Silent Night for someone this year !!


Image result for christmas caroling  Christmas caroling began in Europe and were sung in all four seasons. In 129 AD a Roman Bishop called a song ANGELS HYMN and they sang it on Christmas Eve.  St Francis of Asiss in 1223 started nativity plays in Italy.  they sang songs called canticles and told the story.



Many songs were sung in homes and traveling ministrils wrote different words to songs depending on the local people.  That is where I saw three ships came from

Contextualizing the gospel is as old as Paul speaking to the Epicurians in the square in Athens and telling them they were so good at curious wondering about new things.  Well today church we are taking advantage of that opportunity.  I have talked to bank tellers who are 20 something who when asked if she had any faith background she said no but I would love to know about God.  I had a woman at the food bank at our church in Lakewood when asked if we could pray for her say – what is prayer ?

Before singing in publich became popular there were official carol singers called WAITS.  these were bands of important people local leaders such as council leaders and they would only sing on Christmas eve in public.  they sang of the watchnight… becasue shepherds were watching where angels would appear.  Choirs started around this same time.


I asked a pastor of a large church in Arvada yesterday would his people go around their neighborhood or come to the Auraria Campus Downtown Denver to sing with  us.   He frowned a bit and said, Well.

Alot of people do not like to sing he said, Some people would only want to sing with a purpose and they go to nursing homes to sing or sing in hospitals to the lonely.

That is a good point right.  People know who they want to sing to and why they want to sing Christmas Carols.  The church hears God and wants to please God at Christmas.

I am so excited to see how the church responds to Gods heart and His voice.

For those people in the Arvada church that said they did not want to sing to their neighbors because some might think it is disruptive – just notice what they say, listen to their response and tell them that you are so grateful to learn of their feelings about caroling and hope they have a great holiday season doing what they most love to do.  God turns all things to good for those who love Christ and are called according to his purposes.

It is encouraging to see how the church in Colorado is following the pattern of that very successful hamburger chain in California IN AND OUT.  We go in and we go out.

When my husband Glenn and I atteneded Bear Valley Church in Lakewood which is large and missional, we had 100 groups go out one year and sing and give away the Jesus film.  That is what got me started in this crazy passion to sing carols every year.



  1. purpose – sing to a hurting group of people or carol along a certain streeet where there are a certian type of people .
  2. day, time of caroling and day and times for practice
  3. Sing 3 songs and just repeat them.  Have song words in packets for people
  4. Song Leader – just need one or two strong voices and others can blend in
  5. Do you want to ring bells or give out candy canes
  6. Do not promote your church I recommend highly.  Do not pass out tracks
  7.  Talk to people – an ice breaker question can be –  What does Christmas mean to you or do you have a favorite acticity during Christmas time since a child
  8. ask the people to join in with you to sing…if you do that bring extra song sheets

QUESTION – what kinds of places can you go sing ?

  1. nursing homes and hospitals
  2. jails and prison or battered woman shelter
  3. malls – inside and warm and captive audience
  4. neighborhood – use the great neighbor tool – NEXT DOOR – join it and invite neighbors to join your group
  5. college campus –  go before finals start.  join us on december ____ at Tivoli Center starbucks.  there are 45000 students on campus and they need joy and love food.
  6. Sing at your office – ask your manager if you could do a 15 minute song break.
  7.  Read the Christmas story if you have a microphone. maybe ask people around you to read it instead of your group. include them.  do not make a big deal about it being the bible…
  8.  start a new family tradition with your chidlren and grandchildren… do sing every year together.

TIVOLI CENTER –  last year we had Christmas around the world in the multi cultural center.  We had guitar player and sang.  we had food and went to food court ringing bells and singing and students smiled and liked it.


Relationships that are close help the feel of your group.  You can have time to pray and you should can list target areas where you live your lives to go to.  We have a lot of neighborhoods in Jefferson County practicing the art of neighboring.  This is a book by Arvada author who ministers around USA on cutting loose from church only life.  Dave RUnyon book is The art of neighboring.  SO we have Golden, Arvada, Englewood Lakewood helping people intentionally get to really know there neighbors.  We are making great progress in front range.

Love to hear from your listeners in Greely, Pueblo, North South East and West Colorado as to what your caroling out of church traditions are .


You will be the manger scene…. You will be the living manger for Emmanuel in your zone of life. Gods children are so loving and so true to sharing their faith at Christmas. It is exciting to see these breakthroughs.


QUESTION CAN YOU SING AT APARTMENT COMPLEXES –   I have sung at many complexes.  Each complex has a manager.  You just have to get permission from manager to go.  Tell them exactly what you will do and when.  If they agree they will post it in community center for complex. They look for actitivties for residents. It keeps the turn over down when they have fun stuff to do.  If it is a poor complex and you want to go extra mile you could bring toys. I have brought food bags from a food bank. So you are Christmas to them beyond a song.


QUESTION – IS CHRISTMAS CAROLING RELEVANT – yes  people are more open during Christmas season than any other time of year to hear about the baby in the manger  ,, People often say…wow no one has ever carroled for us before…. people offer thanks and even food…. most find their gift of songs receieved


CAROLING IS JUST SOMETHING FUN TO DO –  just a simple way to bring people together

You can even do a christmas quiz if children are at the door or in your group.  GIve out a candy cane if they answer right .  1.  how many wise men came to see Jesus.   2.  what did mary ride to bethlehem 3  in charlie brown christmas show who refuses to eat snowflakes ?  4. on 12 days of Christmas what happened on the 9th day.

Q PLACE CHRISTMAS PARTY IDEAS – by Fran Goodrich Lakewood


Tis the Season to GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN – over the hills and everywhere.  How about considering going with a few others and sing Christmas Carols to young adults who are needing some joy for their world before finals.  We are asking you to bring carols to college students at Auraria Campus downtown Denver.  Families, small groups, with your neighbors , you can be a Christmas light for these wonderful students. 

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We are asking groups around Metro Denver to go caroling anytime during December 4 to 12th. You do not need choir voices just have fun.  Practice a few songs would be good before you go.  You could start at the Tivoli Center which is main hub on campus.  Google maps will bring you to parking if you put in Tivoli Bookstore.  There is meter parking and large parking structures.    
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 There are 45,000 students on campus so you can go day or evening.  You can just walk along and sing.  If you want to give out candy canes or treats that would be great. Foods must be sealed and packaged.  Email me if you go and let me know how it was.  This tradition started last year. Barbara Moore

Definition of forgive. : to stop feeling anger toward (someone who has done something wrong) : to stop blaming (someone) : to stop feeling anger about (something) : to forgive someone for (something wrong) : to stop requiring payment of (money that is owed)



46177382 - forgive yourself and others advice - white chalk text n on a vintage slate blackboard

46371890 - forgive yourself sign with blurred background

While we drink  coffee or take a quick moment to rest let us listen to the words we are providing to you all to take time this Fall to search our hearts.

We all have attitudes and ideas about others that need to be swept away with the tool we all have in our shed – forgiveness.

Pastor Cliff and Barbara hope the two Saturday morning talks they have provided for you will truly help you to become free of un-forgiveness which is a cancer.

To chose to forgive brings the burden to God to deal with.  Our souls – mind, will and emotions – are not made to judge others. We are made to forgive ourselves, others and even God.

 May the words we speak on our broadcast Going Deeper with God on November 5 and 12 bring you peace.  That is why we are on the air each week.  9:30 am and midnight and 95.3 FM Crawford Broadcasting. 

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test a ment


Legacy is really important to some people, but not all people. We have all heard that quick word from someone about how would we live today if we thought about what people would say about us at our funeral of life celebration service.

How do you and I build our testament to match up with the patterns established in the old and new testament ?  Does that sound wild.

There is a theological principle called testament for those who believe in and follow Jesus Christ. It is a core value of the faith.  Testament records the acts of God and how God acts and speaks into the lives of humans.

The Song of Deborah in Judges 5 is a testament to the rightousness of God and it has been recalled and repeated as true of God and about God and His people for 2600 years.  Deborah was the leader of Israel for decades and God worked with her and used her and the troops and prayer to bring peace to war torn Jews.

Judges 4:4 “Now Deborah a prophet/judge the wife of Lappodith was leading Israel at the time. She held court under the palm of Deborah”

In verse 6 we see male and female leaders in battle together, ” She sent for Barak and said to him, The Lord the God of Israel commands you Go take 10000 men and lead them to Mount Tabor. I will lead Sisera, {king of enemy] the commander of Jabins army with his chariots and his troops to the Kishon River and give him into your hands.”

Way back in 600 BC a woman leader of Israel recorded the testimony of the Lord.  The victory was so significant that a song came forth from the people of God. The testament of Deborah and Barak and Jael are this, ” 5:31 b then the land had peace for forty years. ”

Walter Bruegermann Theology of Old Testament has theological teaching on the important as a core value of TESTAMENT or testimony or witness.  He said that Judges 5 is the first plural testament or sdquoth of Jahweh relating to Gods righteousness. Breugermann writes that this song is taken to be one of Israels most formidable and earliest articulations of faith. The poem is a victory song.

Old Testament New Testament Your Testament and My Testament proclaims the reality of God and How God moves and acts on the behalf of his people and his enemies.




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Image result for google image of testimony


Going deeper with God in air lifts or prayer lifts 1220 AM 95.3 FM


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Sometimes our neighbor needs a can of soup and sometimes a babysitter for an hour.  Who would disagree that we should have realistic expectations that we could need to help our neighbor once in awhile.

We have all heard about air lifts well how about prayer lifts ?  Many followers of Christ have not been taught much about intercession versus prayer. Many pray lists and many do asking prayer.

We spoke on the broadcast for October 15 and 22 on how to stand in the gap for another person who may have had a deep blow in their life that has crippled them in one way or another.  Sara Davenport, author and Relationship Specialist of taught some very worthwhile lessons on how God sees this act on the behalf of another.

Intercessory Trauma Resolution was the title of the two broadcast series.  This is one hour of teaching you should consider listening to.

How do you pray for someone else and not get attached to them in an ungoldy way ?    God needs us to listen carefully when we stand with another and say what He is saying and pray what He is praying. This is possible and was totally what Jesus was showing us for 33 years as the Son of Man.


Intercession with God is meeting God and hearing God and bringing forth the very heart and word of God for another. It is touching the hem of His garment.  Tune in live to or grab the podcast in a few weeks to learn how to grow as an intercessor for God.






Every city has people called by God to walk with others from stuck places to new freedoms.  Restoring the Foundations is one ministry to consider.

Ethel LeResche is a deacon in the Anglican Church and is trained in issue based ministry for Restoring the Foundations. There are four pillars to explore when you know you have the same old stuff holding you back each year.  Using a ten page spiritual inventory you look with a counselor at 1. sins of the Father or generational sins 2. Ungodly Beliefs 3. Soul or Spirit hurts 4. Deliverance.  Image 1

Discover how the integrated approach to biblical healing removes four key blockages to giving and receiving love.


If you would like to learn more about this ministry email Ethel at .  We will be sharing when some training sessions come to Metro Denver if you would like to develop a ministry to pray with others.

Our guest on our broadcast GOING DEEPER WITH GOD,  Ethel LeResche,  shares how this inner healing and freedom ministry works during our  Live radio broadcasts are September 24 and October 1 on  Going Deeper with God weekly worldwide broadcast at 9:30 and midnight MST.

We will be offering a 12 week workshop on healing from trauma events on October 19 evening at 6:00 to 8:30 pm .  Location is 10001 W Jewell Avenue Lakewood CO .  Cost is $195 including workbook.  Sessions will include DVD training from Elijah House expert Sandra Sellmer-Kersten and Pastor Barbara Moore, MDIV.  Email today to register or for more details.


Workshop – TRAUMA – October 19 – 12 sessions – Learn affects of trauma and help others


What is TRAUMA ?  A very difficult or unpleasant experience that causes someone to have mental or emotional problems usually for a long time. A trauma can be physical or emotional. Being humiliated in front of classmates for five minutes can be an event that causes trauma and has something locked up inside us. Loss, lack, verbal abuse, sudden death, miscarriage, made to be compliant. You can be a witness or a victim. 

WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  People who want to help others gain freedom from devastating life events. People who have suffered various levels of ongoing or one time trauma. Small group leaders, youth or children leaders, teachers, mental health workers. Sessions will include DVD training videos by Sandra Sellmer-Kersten of Elijah House. 

LOCATION: 10001 W Jewell Avenue Lakewood CO 80232 Room 203


COST AND TIMES:  12 session workshop and manual $195.00. Two scholarships available. Maximum size 25. Payment on website  or checks/cash. Wednesday evenings 6:00 – 8:30 PM 

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QUALIFICATIONS OF BARBARA MOORE – Pastoral Counselor since 1995. Fresh Winds Ministry Rev. Mike Flynn, Elijah House Cour D Alene ID Level 1,2,3. Clinical Pastoral Education 3 units; Francis MacNutt Level 1,2,3. Tallahassee FL. Masters of Divinity from Denver Seminary 2001, Member of AACC. 


REGISTER:  Send email to 

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