Jim and Jackie Morey on Poverty Mindset and Finding Your Unique Message


April 2nd show guests Jim and Jackie Morey of Seattle are a team, who produce much transformation in and for clients! We are now broadcasting on a new station  http://www.1220kldc.com/     Show time is 9:30 AM MST and 12:00 PM MST on Saturdays  Jim Morey has for the last 4 years been studying internet marketing […]

Jim and Jackie Morey – Broadcasting Your Unique Message – airs April 9th 9:30 am and midnight


Tune in to our new station 1220 AM KLDC to enjoy an uplifting message from Jim and Jackie Morey.  Do you believe you have a unique message for your life ?  How would someone go about finding your unique message ? It can be found in the Bible and they bring take away’s for you to find what is planted in you.

 They are Amazon Best Sellers and their new book is Your 21st Century Business Card.  


Jim Morey’s bio:
Over the last 4 years Jim has been studying internet marketing and has created several end-to-end marketing platforms that have made thousands of dollars. He has gathered and nurtured hundreds of email Subscribers, and used advanced features of Mail Chimp to move them up to be VIPs. In the process Jim has gained an amazing level of skill and insight into Mail Chimp, both the “Forever Free” and “Paid-For” Levels – and he wants to share these insights with you.
Jim feels fortunate to have been at Microsoft for over 17 years in server and Internet technologies including IIS, Operations Manager, SharePoint, and Azure. Because of this, he has written over 180K lines of code in C#, VB, JavaScript, PowerShell, and others and has also worked heavily in HTML 5, CSS, T-SQL.
Most of all, he’s a blessed husband and a proud Dad of our two kids.
Jackie Morey’s bio:
Jackie is a multiple #1 Amazon Bestselling Author. She help professionals “Broadcast their Knowledge” and “Sell their Expertise!” Meaning, she helps people turn their knowledge and expertise into Amazon Bestselling books, WebTV shows, LIVE Video Streaming events or shows, Online Trainings, Online Courses, and Webinars. All you need to bring is your knowledge and insight about the subject matter you want to publish, broadcast, teach or sell a training on. Jackie and her team — take your knowledge, your target audience and your personal brand and go to work!
The end result is you walk away with an Amazon Bestselling book, or a WebTV series, a ready-made, turnkey online training program, webinar series or coaching program that allows you to monetize your knowledge and sell to your ideal audience.
Jackie is also a nationally recognized Customer Loyalty Strategist, founder and COO of Customer Strategy Academy. You know those complex, sensitive Company-to-Customer or Healthcare Provider-to-Patient issues that need to be handled with TLC and get to Win-Win? Jackie solves that.
She has served thousands of customers, entrepreneurs, service professionals, executives, and companies both nationally and internationally from all ages, and a wide variety of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds from Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon.com, Deloitte, other Fortune 500 companies, as well as small to medium business owners, financial professionals, legal firms, healthcare providers and healthcare companies.
Her Bachelor’s degree is in Engineering. But her passion is business, connecting with people, and transferring the wealth of knowledge she’s gained from the University of Hard Knocks with over two and a half decades of experience – to you.
She is a recognized Revenue-Generator, Relationship Ambassador, Topnotch Solution Provider / Creative Problem-solver, Peacemaker, and Team-builder.
Happily married to her husband Jim, they have a son and a daughter who “make them proud” every day. They live in a beautiful Pacific Northwest suburb of Seattle.
Connect with Jackie: