Harvest Mountain Farm Gardens Education Programs



Beginning in 2009 Barbara Moore has given 1000’s of hours of work to the cause of Urban Agriculture principles and practices coming into lives of Metro Denver residents from children to adults.

She has self funded efforts as big as putting from her retirement funds a $20,000 greenhouse for food production, to giving weeks of her time to teach children and teens in the City of Lakewood Schools.

Harvest Mountain Farm Gardens hosted a booth for two years at the Denver Public Schools Career Fairs in the Agriculture track.  They displayed quail and herbs and a lady bug display.

Barbara and her husband Glenn spent $1000’s of dollars building a first community garden on land provided by Trish and Mike Tilley of All About Paws on Zenon Street in Wheat Ridge.

Pioneers build platforms whether noticed or not by media.  The children and families impacted at 1875 Wadsworth Blvd know what we gave to help them along the way with their garden plans.  Barbara Moore would be in the middle of a harvest or planting and stop to help answer questions for people who stopped by.  She had a core team of volunteers without which she could have never done what was accomplished.  Faithful young 20 year olds came every week to pick weeds, harvest greens, spin greens, give out CSA shares.

She was given a great gift by the City of Lakewood when they filmed her operation. Many people came after that to do U PICK SUGAR PEAS.  Families came with little ones and little baskets to enjoy the reality or an urban farm.

Barbara is a number one best selling Author on Amazon in 2016 and will be writing her story of being an urban farmer this summer.  cover (9)