Podcast Live Replay : ACTIVATION- A story of Gods transforming power – Adam Gellert , author. Going Deeper with God radio broadcast


Activation: A Story of God's Transforming Power by [Gellert, Adam]Gods name is really GO.  He is a sender. Sometimes a human being can through amazing encounters with God actually get off the bench and hit the playing field with God.

Listen to Going Deeper With God broadcast July 30 2016 to hear a man who has the Gospel shut up in his bones as Jeremiah tells us.  http://www.1220kldc.com

When you pray Adam’s ACTIVATION PRAYER something will happen in your life that you have been waiting for for a long time.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could hear from God daily!  When God decides to activate and transform your life, amazing adventures await. Join Adam Gellert and his family on a journey of incredible revelations and discoveries, and see how God desires to reveal His true nature to all of us, His children.


“The opposite of ‘activated’ is not ‘average’ or ‘normal.’ It is ‘inactive!’ If your walk with Christ could easily be seen by others as an aimless stroll… and you hunger to move into the dynamic adventure of whole-heartedly following Jesus, let Adam’s story encourage you to trust God for a Kingdom life that you may have previously considered beyond your reach or gifting.” —Rev. Rod Carlson, Founder, Living Logos Scripture Memorization Challenge and author of An Insight-Seeing Tour of Philippians
“You will enjoy reading this testimony of a life awakened and in pursuit of God. But the sequel–what God reveals in seasons two, three and beyond is something for which I eagerly await!” —Bob Emery, Founder & President, Global Opportunities for Christ and author of His Desire is for Me, Charlottesville, VA
“In his book, Activation: A Story of God’s Transforming Power, Adam Gellert invites you along on a personally told spiritual journey with God. He is not alone on this faith adventure of self discovery, growth and miracles along the way; he and his wife are fellow travelers in this adventure. It’s about faith, family and new beginnings for friends who join them on their journey. Be amazed, encouraged and personally challenged.” —Dr. Walter Fletcher, author of Recovering the Soul and contributing author to The Revival Study Bible, Dallas, TX

About the AuthorAdam Gellert

Adam Gellert is a human resources professional who has worked in consulting and the corporate world. More importantly, he is “fearfully and wonderfully made” by the God of the universe and activated to serve in His army. Adam lives in Southlake, Texas with his wife and two miracle sons. He is a member of Gateway Church and serves on the Altar and Healing Ministry Teams.