Would you maybe Give God your steering wheel ?


A thought that can help us truly have a relationship with God is to ask Who Is In Charge of this world ? If your spirituality is composed of an energy force or higher power you have chosen to relate to something impersonal. As humans, we really can’t have a relationship with an impersonal deity. Some say well I know there’s something out there. What words describe your spirituality diety ?

When I was 42 years old I found out that there really was a God and that God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit actually loved me. That God was wanting to spend time with me.  I was amazed at this truth.  The religion of my childhood was Catholic. There are many great people who are Catholic and many wonderful ways of being a Catholic. For me though, I did not understand the way you got to be free of condemation in that faith practice.  It felt like I had always one stack of bad stuff I did [sins] and another stack of good stuff I did.  I could not understand how this scale with my stuff on it could randomly tip one day to hell or heaven.  It seemed kind of cruel to me. 

When I actually found out in my head and thats connected to my spirit and my soul, that God loved me it was a deal changer.  I gave Jesus my steering wheel.  I knew God was real and the Holy Spirit showed me that I was forgiven and very loved.  car steering wheel - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


I felt like my spirit got literally plugged into God. I felt light and loved. Its like we walk around like a spiritually dead person until we choose to fall in love with God and want to know all about what Gods like.  Life went from being a kind of cruel joke to a very big ahah… oh now I get it.  What Does It Mean to Be Born Again?We choose to say Yes to Gods invitation to live as Gods child and enjoy blessings and a living realtionship with God.  Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to earth to connect us with heaven now while we live in the earth.  Its a wild wonderful ride.

What do you think Gods personality is like ?  Is the God written about in the Bible nice, or scary, or random or ? Why would God tell us the first thing He wants is for us to Love the Lord Our God with all our heart, mind , soul and strenght ?  I guess you could say that Gods personality is about wanting us to be in love with God because God is very in love with us.  I highly recommend taking some time to read study and pray about what are you really like God.

Oh and God does not have a political party, or a color.  God is uncreated eternally always. Sit with God at night or sometime each day and just talk and then listen.  God speaks so eventurally if you exercise your muscle called your spirit you will see and know God is real.  The result of your relationship with God is that you will become more and more of who you really are. The stuff we put on ourself that is not really us will fall away.


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