Kids for Colorado


Any kid can be a hero through Kid for Colorado Gives! In fact, this program was created just for you. All you have to do is go to to start getting connected with your community!

Go to:
Since Kids for Colorado Gives was made for YOU, we’ll make sure you can experience the joy of giving while having fun and staying safe along the way.

How can I give on
There are several ways for you to be a Kid for ColoradoGives:
1. Ask parents, grandparents or other important adults in your life to purchase a Giving eCard(s) and send it to you. These Giving eCards can be redeemed on and make great birthday and holiday gifts!
2. Talk to your parents about how you can earn Giving eCards through special projects, chores or volunteering.
3. For more ideas, checkout our Pinterest board on kids giving.

FOR PARENTS: Giving Activity Kit
We all want to raise good humans. Our Giving Kit will help you teach your kid to be a philanthropist and build a habit of giving…from the comfort of your own home. Download each activity below and help your kid discover and support the causes they care about.
Kindness Bingo—How does it feel to be kind?
Your child will be able to describe their own experience with acts of kindness.
Save. Spend. Give.—Teach your kids about money with this DIY project.
Take the abstract concept of the importance of money and turn it into something they can see and understand.
Words to Give By—What words do you use when you talk about helping others?
Your child will learn the definition of five vocabulary words about giving and use them in a conversation.
What Kind of Giver are You?—What does it mean to have a passion?
Your child will better understand which charitable cause they are passionate about.
Discover—How does it feel to be a philanthropist?
Your child will have experienced the joy of being a philanthropist.